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Digital Experience Design & Development Agency.

A team full of experienced tech professional, specialized on Website Design and Development.

Based in Makassar, Indonesia.



Unique Design

Crafting distinctive and eye-catching designs that set your website apart from the crowd.

Quality Code

Every pixel-perfect design, seamless functionality, and smooth user experience lies a foundation of meticulously crafted code.

Depth Analysis

Unveil valuable insights that shape a strategic and impactful online presence.

Trusted by Leading Companies


Case Studies



The importance of smart villages lies in their ability to leverage technology and innovative solutions to improve the overall quality of life for rural communities, we collaborate with Getasan Village, located in Badung, Bali, in order to develop their Smart Village System.

  • UI/UX
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development


Tourism is not only physically enjoyed, but the potential of tourism is very broad, we and South Sulawesi Tourism Board concocting a concept in combining business elements and tourism called #TOURISMCONNECT.

  • UI/UX
  • Website Development
Rumah Sampah


Addressing the challenges associated with the proper disposal, recycling, and management of waste, we collaborate with RumahSampah, which is a local startup from Borneo that is ready to innovate in waste management in its area.

  • UI/UX
  • Website Development
  • Mobile App Development



Our comprehensive development services are designed to transform your ideas into robust, user-friendly, and visually stunning online experiences.

UI/UX Design
User & Market Research / User Journey Mapping / Persona Development / Usability Testing / UX Design / UI Design / Product Prototyping & Optimization.
Website Development
System Research / Custom API Development / Custom Content Management System (CMS) / Quality & Security Assurance / System Documentation / Maintenance & Support / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Blockchain Protocol Research & Integration / Smart Contract Development & Deployment.
Mobile App Development
Native Development / Cross-Platform App Development / App Store Submission / Play Store Submission / Quality & Security Assurance.
Cyber Security
Security Monitoring / Security Testing / Security Awareness / Risk Assesment / Compliance and Policy Development.

1 Research

Aiming to unravel innovative solutions and methodologies that push the boundaries of technological possibilities, by exploring cutting-edge technologies, user-centric and the objective.

2 Design

From user interface (UI) aesthetics to user experience (UX) principles, with a focus on creating intuitive, visually appealing, and effective user interfaces.

3 Development

Focus on programming, coding standards, and iterative development, this step seeks to unravel the complexities and methodologies that underpin the objective from a mere blueprint to a tangible, robust application.

4 Testing

From unit testing to user acceptance testing, we ensure the reliability, functionality, and user satisfaction of the developed application meets the objectives.


Latest News

Ideas meet Technology.

We provide the effective ideas that grow businesses of our clients.

  • Private Sector
We managed to deliver our works on the private sector around the world.
  • Government based
We help the Indonesian government in digitalizing optimal technology-based services.

Looking for a web development agency that combines technical expertise and business development? I highly recommend Metrotech Digital Asia for their achievement with us on realizing #TOURISMCONNECT

Andry S. Arief Bulu
H. Andry S. Arief Bulu, SE., M.M
Director of Tourism Board South Sulawesi

Communication was a breeze throughout the entire process. They were responsive to our ideas and provided valuable insights to enhance the overall functionality of our concept on Smart Village. Looking forward for another concepts team!

I Wayan Suandi
I Wayan Suandi, S.Pt
The Chief Government of Getasan Village

Working with Metrotech Digital Asia has been an absolute game-changer for our business! Their team sucessfully translated our vision on Developing the concept of Law based on Artificial Intelligence.

Yusrifan Syam
Yusrifan Syam
Founder & CEO BikinLegal