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Official Launch of the Village Information System "SIGETASAN" in Getasan Village, Badung, Bali.

On December 15, 2023, an important milestone was achieved with the launch of the Village Information System "SIGETASAN". This collaboration between Metrotech Digital Asia and the local village government in Badung Regency aims to improve and simplify public services, especially for residents of Getasan Village.

SIGETASAN is a comprehensive application designed to improve various aspects of people's lives. The collaboration between Metrotech Digital Asia and village governments shows a commitment to utilizing technology for the progress of rural areas.

SIGETASAN Key Features:

Information Services: SIGETASAN provides a variety of information services, including emergency services, maps, news updates and event agendas. This ensures that citizens have easy access to important information at their fingertips.

Digital Document Submission: This app facilitates the submission of various documents through a user-friendly interface, simplifying the administrative process for citizens. Citizens can file documents easily from the comfort of their smartphones.

Public Complaints: SIGETASAN allows users to submit public complaints, contributing to more transparent and responsive local government. This feature encourages community members to actively participate in dealing with problems and improving the quality of life in Getasan Village.

Digital Markets: The inclusion of digital markets in SIGETASAN allows local businesses to reach a wider audience. Citizens can explore and engage in online transactions, promoting economic growth within the community.

The official launch of SIGETASAN marks an important step towards creating a connected and technologically empowered community in Getasan Village. This innovative solution reflects the commitment of Metrotech Digital Asia and the local government to improve the welfare of residents and create a smart village development model. Along with becoming an integral part of everyday life, SIGETASAN is expected to contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity of Getasan Village in the coming years.


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Andry S. Arief Bulu
H. Andry S. Arief Bulu, SE., M.M
Director of Tourism Board South Sulawesi

Communication was a breeze throughout the entire process. They were responsive to our ideas and provided valuable insights to enhance the overall functionality of our concept on Smart Village. Looking forward for another concepts team!

I Wayan Suandi
I Wayan Suandi, S.Pt
The Chief Government of Getasan Village

Working with Metrotech Digital Asia has been an absolute game-changer for our business! Their team sucessfully translated our vision on Developing the concept of Law based on Artificial Intelligence.

Yusrifan Syam
Yusrifan Syam
Founder & CEO BikinLegal

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